Our History


Throughout over one hundred years of life, Holy Cross has been a place to gather the hopes and dreams of Christians in the Davenport area. In its first decade of life, the congregation grew in number to more than 200 members. In the intervening years from yesterday's dreams to the problems and challenges of today's world, Holy Cross has remained a rock of solid Christian doctrine for fellow believers and Truth-seeking souls. We pray that we may continue being a help to many in witnessing to God's plan of salvation for all.

Holy Cross is in the Davenport Circuit of the Iowa District East of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  

Following are some milestones in the history of Holy Cross Lutheran Church:

April 9, 1902  Original church on Belle Avenue dedicated.
1919  Services begun entirely in English.
1927  Present-day church on Locust Street dedicated.
1955  Dedicated addition to church sanctuary.
1960's Started Christian education assistance for Holy Cross children attending Trinity Lutheran School.
1968  Dedicated the Educational Unit.
1968  Ordained David Likeness.
1972  Voting and office-holding privileges extended to women.
1979  Scholarship fund begun to encourage youth to become LCMS pastors and teachers.
1985  Purchased the Fellowship Center and parking lot.
1988  Ordained Russell Belisle.   The ordination service was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Al Berry. Rev. Belisle was the first called pastor to the Lutheran Church East Side Mission in Davenport.
1992  Ordained Steven Kline.
1997  Noah's Ark Christian Preschool started.
1999  Ordained John Moeller
2002  Celebrated our centennial year!

2011  Ordained Christopher Neuendorf

Following are the pastors who have served Holy Cross:

1902 - 1913 Herman Greif

1913 - 1915 G. Lindhardt

1915 - 1920 Otto Geisler

1920 - 1920 C. Boye

1921 - 1921 Paster Geske

1922 - 1925 Otto Neiting

1925 - 1935 Walter D. Oetting

1935 - 1951 Theodore Schulz

1951 - 1974 Walter S. Wendt

1975 - 1979 Roy Zerbe

1979 - 1988 Roger J. Pollock

1981 - 1985 Arnold Aschbrenner (Associate)

1985 - 1989 Joseph M. Polzin (Associate)

1989 - 2000 Frederick H. Schuster

1990 - 1993 Gary A. Wright (Associate)

2001 - 2010 David K. Gerke

2011 - 2022: Christopher J. Neuendorf

2022 - 2023: Steven Anderson (Vacancy Pastor)

2023 - Present: Terry L. Quick




  January 2021